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Myotherapy for Natural Pain Relief

If you have pain and have been frustrated by the lack of results from traditional approaches, myotherapy can offer you a real solution. Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is a proven, systematic approach to pain relief that empowers you in caring for your body. This approach to health care is unlike any control-stripping experiences that you might have had with prescription drugs or invasive surgery that had limited or no success at all. Learn More »

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Brice Leonard,
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We all seem to give great lip service to being healthier but when it comes right down to it most of us don't know what steps to take or where to begin. A Certified Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist can speed your healing and help you strengthen your entire body by teaching you key strengthening and stretching exercises and how to work on your own trigger points. Take advantage of a free consultation and start living your life in a healthier, pain-free way. Find a Myotherapist »

Experts Say

I believe this body work method (Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy) is a useful treatment for muscle pain. I've long recommended it as an option for treating chronic back pain, and...a fellow at the University of Arizona Program of Integrative Medicine, says he uses self-care techniques from this approach to quickly and effectively relieve aches in his neck and upper back. Dr. Andrew Weil photo

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Self Healing Newsletter
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